Umbraco v5 canceled!

Big news from the Umbraco HQ: Umbraco 5 has canceled. Too bad for all the Umbraco fans who wanted a 100% pure MVC Umbraco. They are going back to the old 4.xx branch and restart from there.

I was really willing to believe Umbraco v5 would be finally a better Umbraco with a good architecture (because the current version really s...s that this point). Although I already thought it wouldn't be better then for example Orchard CMS (fundamentally and ideology wise).

I'm afraid for the Umbraco HQ that a lot of people will leave the Umbraco project and go to other, better CMS systems like Orchard CMS. I'm wondering what the future will bring for Orchard and Umbraco.

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For me the number one MVC CMS on the ASP.Net platform is ofcourse the orchard CMS altough i wish the Umbraco community the best!